Tax Accounting Programs in Wyoming

Educational Information:

Accounting programs provide students with knowledge of financial concepts, accounting procedures and the tax auditing process. There are several public and private universities that offer accounting programs in Wyoming, such as the University of Wyoming, University of Phoenix and Eastern Wyoming College. Students who pursue an accounting degree will take courses that discuss budget control, tax auditing, accounting principles and legal regulations in accounting.

Licensing Information:

Public accountants must receive a CPA license to be eligible to work in Wyoming. Receiving the CPA license entails successfully passing the CPA examination, earning 150 credit hour in an approved program, completing one year of work experience and also having Wyoming residency. Students are also required to have residency in the United States to earn a CPA license. The fee for taking the CPA exam in Wyoming is $743, and there is a $110 fee for an initial license application. Students must pass all four sections of the CPA exam with a score of 75 percent or higher.

Employment Information:

In Wyoming, accounting students can find employment opportunities in government offices, banks, companies, educational institutions and other entities that require financial reporting. Some of the alternative careers that accounting students can choose are as FBI investigators, teachers or healthcare managers. It is up to students to design their own career path, because there are numerous ways in which an accounting degree can be used.

The salary potential for accountants in Wyoming according to the BLS is about $59,360 a year. Only 1,730 accountants are employed in Wyoming, which is a very low number in comparison with other states. This figure indicates that accounting students may actually benefit from an increase in the demand for accountants and tax auditors in the future.