Accountants work in nearly every industry, handling financial transactions and preparing financial records.

Most accountants have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting. They often file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and in order to do so must be a Certified Public Accountant. Going to school to become a CPA or to receive a degree in accounting is easier with financial aid or a scholarship, which pays either part or the full cost of the degree.

Financial aid is a loan which does not have to be repaid until a specified time after the degree is completed or the student drops out of the school. A scholarship, on the other hand, does not need to be repaid. It is a private grant given either directly to the student or to the school that the student attends.

Scholarships are privately funded grants awarded to individuals for many different reasons. Those reasons include; academic achievements, interests, test scores, and other skills. Other scholarships are awarded based on demographics and are awarded to various minority groups. Few others are awarded regionally or to members of their organizations. These scholarships typically have less competition, but also have fewer eligible individuals.

Getting a scholarship can be a long process. Although there are many accounting scholarships available, one has to first find a scholarship where they meet the qualifications. Each individual scholarship is unique and has different requirements, but all start with an application. By filling out the application completely and accurately, the student will prevent themselves from being disqualified early.

Once the application is complete, some scholarships will require a letter of recommendation. Teachers, spiritual leaders, and employers all make good candidates to write a letter of recommendation.

The largest contributing factor toward winning the scholarship is an essay. Most accounting scholarships require that the applicant write at least one essay stating why he or she is the best qualified for the scholarship. Once the essay is submitted, the student can do nothing but wait. When the scholarship board has made its decision, they will notify the student if they have won.

Earning an accounting scholarship is difficult, but rewarding. Accounting scholarships enable students to finish their degrees in accounting and move on to a valuable career.

At we have compiled a list of accounting specific scholarships: