Tax Accounting Programs in Washington

Educational Information:

Over 60 universities and colleges offer bachelor’s programs and master’s programs that have a focus in accounting in Washington. Students who enroll in an accounting program will be exposed to courses that discuss topics like accounting principles, accounting processes for managers, government accounting processes, budget control, legal aspects of accounting, accounting research techniques, professional standards in accounting and other courses. Accounting programs provide students with theoretical knowledge and technical skills to use throughout their careers.

Licensing Information:

The Washington State Board of Accountancy requires that all individuals have a CPA license if they wish to provide public accounting services in the state. The license requirements include 150 credit hours from an approved accounting program and a minimum of 2,000 hours of work experience. The work experience must involve some form of accounting that includes data analysis, internal auditing, budgeting procedures, preparation of tax documents or financial analysis. Students who are concerned about whether their work experience qualifies for this requirement should get in touch with the Washington State Board of Accountancy.

Employment Information:

In Washington, students with an accounting background can choose to work for the government, private corporations, educational institutions, accounting firms, law firms and a variety of other employers. They frequently serve in roles such as auditors, budget analysts, actuaries, accountants, financial analysts, loan officers, real estate brokers, sales managers and other roles. Those who are successful in accounting may eventually decide to become tax lawyers, independent accountants or chief financial officers for a company.

Accountants and tax auditors earn an average annual salary of about $68,970 a year in Washington, according to the BLS. There are modest opportunities for job growth and salary increases in the accounting field within Washington.