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When you choose to enter into an accounting program, you will be provided with an in-depth knowledge in the accounting field, transferable skills that are relevant to your field of study and a strong judgment for those critical decisions that you will make as an accounting professional. Students who complete an accounting program will be able to sit for the CPA examination and prepare them for a career working in:

  • corporate and public accounting
  • nonprofit accounting
  • tax auditing
  • advising
  • financial reporting
  • government accounting

You have the option of taking classes on a part-time or full-time basis, so it is all about what is going to work the best for your individual wants and needs. Every step of the way you are going to receive a solid foundation that is based upon accounting principles, as well as a number of business related disciplines.

Accounting Classes

Throughout the course of the program, you are going to focus on communication skills, professionalism and analytical thinking. Students are provided with the dynamic instruction that helps to engage them and keep them learning about all of the new policies and procedures. For those who learn the language of the program, it will help you graduate with a broad skill set that can land you the job of your dreams. Most of the time, students are able to secure a position within a relatively short amount of time.

Total Accounting Schools: 42
Total Accounting Students: 14,721
Average Tuition: $11,210
Average Scholarship Package: $2,799
Average Grant Amount: $5,044
Average Classroom Size: 17 Students
Online Accounting Programs: 25
Average Online Tuition: $10,819
Online Undergraduate Programs: 24
Online Graduate Programs: 10
Top Accounting Schools:Brigham Young University – Provo
University of Utah
Westminster College
Largest Accounting School:Brigham Young University – Provo
• 5,526 Students Currently Attending
Cheapest Accounting School:Latter – day Saints Business College
• $3,060 Annual Tuition Charges
School With Largest Financial Aid Packages:Westminster College
• $12,927 Average Financial Aid Award

Employment Outlook:

Depending on what it is that you plan to do after graduation, you can choose to work in a number of different fields. For some, they choose to work as a bookkeeper or accountant, while others choose to enter work as a forensic accountant. The possibilities are endless, so you have full control over what it is that you want to do. Based on information from the BLS, job growth in the accounting field is expected to grow at 10 percent over the national average for all other jobs. Some of the top careers for an accounting graduate are:

  • Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Tax Preparer
  • Auditor
  • Financial Advisor

Regardless of where it is that you want to start, it is imperative to know that you will have plenty of different opportunities from which you can choose to harness your skill. Take the time to explore which field suits you the best.