Tax Accounting Programs in Texas

Educational Information:

By pursuing a tax auditing degree in Texas, students will gain vast knowledge of tax filing procedures and accounting processes. A tax auditing program typically exposes students to experience in accounting and performing audits, creating budgets and analyzing the legal implications of tax filings. Students will be prepared to perform tax planning and consulting for businesses and government agencies upon graduation from a tax auditing program.

Licensing Information:

The requirements for auditor jobs in Texas vary depending on the position and employer. Most employers require that applicants have a bachelor’s degree in applying for auditor jobs. For those who are performing tasks that entail public accounting, Texas laws do require that individuals have a CPA certification. This means that individuals will need to complete the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant. If one is providing bookkeeping services or preparing financial statements, then he or she does not need to have a license.

Employment Information:

There are various tax auditing employers in Texas the include the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, IRS, law firms, private businesses and other government agencies. Tax auditors may even wish to open their own independent practices that provide advice and guidance to businesses in the tax planning process.

The BLS states that auditors and accountants are able to earn an excellent median salary of $71,850 a year in Texas. This salary is just above the national average salary of $71,040 a year for auditors and accountants. There are over 91,300 auditors and accountants who are currently employed in Texas. Those who are interested in pursuing this career should seek internship opportunities during a tax auditing program to maximize their chances of gaining employment in the state.