Tax Accounting Programs in Pennsylvania

Educational Information:

With over 121 accounting programs available in Pennsylvania, students can take time to research programs that appeal to them. A tax auditing program prepares students with courses like cost accounting, budget control, legal aspects of accounting, tax auditing processes, accounting for businesses, accounting for the government, accounting professionalism and ethics, financial consulting and other courses.

Licensing Information:

To practice as an accountant in Pennsylvania, individuals must have completed at least 150 credit hours in an approved accounting program. Individuals are eligible to sit for the CPA exam prior to achieving the credit hour requirement. Individuals must also be at least 18 years old and be a resident of both the United States and Pennsylvania. Students should have a bachelor’s degree that includes at least 24 completed credit hours of accounting coursework.

Employment Information:

Accounting firms, government agencies, private corporations and banks make up the majority of employers for accounting students in Pennsylvania. The reality is that many students also choose to pursue employment in other types of fields, such as real estate or law. Some popular career options for accounting students include service as an accountant, personal financial advisor, investment banker, tax lawyer, real estate appraiser, real estate broker, loan officer, insurance underwriter, actuary, financial analyst, budget analyst and even more career options.

The median salary for accounting students can differ depending on how they choose to use their degree. For those who choose a traditional career path as an auditor or accountant, the average salary is $70,420 a year. There are over 53,000 professionals who work as accountants and auditors in Pennsylvania. It is anticipated that the number of job opportunities and salary figures will experience a slight growth in the future.