Tax Accounting Programs in Oregon

Educational Information:

There are over 120 accounting programs in Oregon that have been accredited by the Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Accounting students will pursue a course of study that focuses on auditing processes, accounting procedures for management, accounting procedures for government entities, financial reporting requirements, accounting research methods, professional ethics in accounting and other types of courses.

Licensing Information:

The Board of Accountancy Licensing in Oregon requires that individuals in the practice of accounting have a CPA license. They will need to pass the CPA exam before applying for a license. For those who sat for the exam before January 1, 2000, it is required that students have at least 24 months of experience in accounting. For accounting students or practitioners who have taken or will take an exam after January 1, 2000, there is only a 12-month experience requirement.

Employment Information:

As an accountant, one will be able to obtain at employment in government agencies, state tax collector agencies, compliance departments of private companies, accounting firms, tax filing firms, law firms and other types of entities. It is important for individuals to consider the many opportunities that are available outside of the traditional accounting path so that they can maximize their chances of employment upon graduation.

Accountants earn a stable salary of over $63,000 a year in Oregon, according to 2012 statistics from the BLS. Accountants can find plenty of employment opportunities in Oregon or can independently start their own practice in the state. Those who practice accounting and auditing will likely see a modest growth in the job opportunities that are available to them in the future. Accountants and auditors will also experience a modest increase in their income levels for the future too.