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Accounting is a career that is always in demand. Every business must have an accountant or bookkeeper to handle the financial records of the business. In Oklahoma, there are a number of exceptional colleges and universities that offer great accounting degrees. You can begin your career in accounting with a degree. The more advanced the degree the higher the position and the higher the compensation.

Overview of accounting Schools and Curriculum in Oklahoma

During your first year of accounting in college, you will learn the basic principles or foundation of accounting. These basic principles are the building blocks for the rest of the knowledge in the accounting field. Your introductory course will emphasize the preparation of different financial accounting statements. For instance, every business must have a cash flow statement, an income statement, and a balance sheet.

Once you get into the more advanced courses in accounting, you will learn the managerial principles of the discipline. In the managerial part of accounting, decision making is key. You will understand the way the company operates. It is important to know the internal financial structure of the company. This knowledge will enable you to do a better job as an accountant in that organization.

Total Accounting Schools: 52
Total Accounting Students: 18,639
Average Tuition: $10,647
Average Scholarship Package: $3,750
Average Grant Amount: $6,070
Average Classroom Size: 20 Students
Online Accounting Programs: 33
Average Online Tuition: $10,250
Online Undergraduate Programs: 31
Online Graduate Programs: 16
Top Accounting Schools:University of Tulsa
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Oklahoma State University – Main Campus
Largest Accounting School:Oklahoma State University – Main Campus
• 4,289 Students Currently Attending
Cheapest Accounting School:Tulsa Community College
• $2,546 Annual Tuition Charges
School With Largest Financial Aid Packages:University of Tulsa
• $16,764 Average Financial Aid Award

Employment Outlook:

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of accounting is expected to add more jobs. Job growth is predicted to grow by as much as 16% in the next 7-10 years. There is always a need for highly qualified accountants. Compensation for an accountant is lucrative. Currently, the median income for an accountant in the U.S. is approximately $60,000. The lowest paid accountants are paid around $38,000. Salary is determined by geographical location and the size and nature of the company.

As companies continue to try to stay competitive, the accountant’s role will continue to be vital. Accountants deal with the bottom line, and companies are trying to increase their bottom line and recover from the financial turmoil of the past 7-8 years. The accountant can give the organization a clear view of the financial standing of the company, and the successful accountant can predict potential problems and make recommendations based on their knowledge and experience.

If you want to become an accountant, you can expect to have job security, a competitive wage, and a nice working environment. Finding a job should not be as hard as in some other professions. Qualified accountants are constantly in demand.