Tax Accounting Programs in North Carolina

Educational Information:

Over 98 accounting and auditing educational programs are currently offered in North Carolina, and students can get their financial careers off to the right start by enrolling in one. In accounting programs, students receive an education that is based on theoretical concepts and technical aspects in accounting. Some of the required courses that students must complete include financial accounting, tax auditing, management of business information systems, financial analysis, cost accounting, budget control and other courses.

Licensing Information:

To become an accountant in North Carolina, one must obtain a license in the state. If one wishes to define himself or herself as an “accountant” on letterhead or other official documents, then it is necessary that he or she have a CPA license. Other than that type of use, individuals can pay a privilege license fee if they wish to engage in financial reporting and other types of financial services in the state. If one has a license from another state, then he or she must indicate the state of licensure on an official document.

Employment Information:

From government agencies like the Office of the State Auditor to private companies, students will be able to find jobs with a variety of employers in the state. Individuals may choose to work for asset management companies, finance firms, tax filing companies, law firms, accounting firms and other government agencies.

The BLS reports that auditors and accountants have the potential to earn an average salary of at least $68,010 a year. This salary is on the higher-end of the salary spectrum for accountants and auditors. Even though over 28,880 accountants are employed in the field, there will always be a steady demand for financial professionals in a variety of settings. Students do not have to strictly pursue a career as an auditor or accountant with this degree. They may instead choose to go into teaching, financial marketing or investment banking.