Tax Accounting Programs in Nebraska

Educational Information:

Auditors work internally in an organization as a public employee at various government levels investigating and examining the financial records of the organization for waste and fraud. They work in a number of different industries ranging from manufacturing to finance, management and more.

Licensing Information:

Even though Nebraska doesn’t have any specific licensing requirements for an auditor, you do need to possess your bachelor degree in the finance or auditing field before being able to find employment. Beyond just having your degree, you need to have an excellent grasp of numbers, strong communication skills and exceptional analytical skills. Since you hold the role of investigating fraud and waste, it is important that you have all of the necessary skills to make informed decisions and know which direction to point the company in for correcting any problems they may have.

Employment Information:

In Nebraska, agriculture tends to be the biggest industry throughout the state. Raising livestock and farming is where the majority of employment opportunities come from. Agricultural specialists are an asset to Nebraska. Those who are looking to enter into this field should make sure they are equipped to handle farm equipment and the standards set out by the Farm Financial Standards Council. Opportunities are also present in data processing, health care, manufacturing and engineering industries.

According to information from the BLS, the average salary for an auditing professional is upwards of $65,000 per year. With more than 7,000 auditing and accounting professionals in the state, plenty of opportunities are present in the state. As stricter lending standards and laws enter into effect, the need for auditors will continue to rise. Having your professional CPA license will help to increase the amount of job prospects available to you.