Tax Accounting Programs in Mississippi

Educational Information:

Pursuing a tax auditing program in Mississippi can provide a student with a strong foundation for a successful financial career. Tax auditing programs typically cover courses like analysis of financial statements, reporting requirements, legal aspects of filing taxes, government accounting, management accounting, tax auditing and research methods for accountants.

Licensing Information:

The Mississippi State Board of Public Accountancy requires that students obtain at least 150 credit hours from an approved college to receive a CPA license. Students will also need to obtain an actual baccalaureate or other types of degree from an approved program. There are specific courses that students must also take, which include financial accounting, auditing, taxation, management accounting and government accounting. One must also be considered a resident of Mississippi.

Within five years of taking the CPA exam, students must be sure to file an application for a license. Reciprocity for a license may be available if a state has similar application requirements to Mississippi.

Employment Information:

Career opportunities are available at entities like government agencies, banks, insurance companies, private corporations, law firms, accounting firms and other types of employers. With a tax auditing degree, students will be able to excel in performing the tax filing processes, auditing procedures and financial reporting procedures that are required under the law.

Those with a tax auditing degree have the potential to earn an average salary of $59,480 a year in Mississippi. Over 4,900 accountants and tax auditors currently have employment in the state. It is anticipated that there will be a slight growth in the number of job opportunities available for accountants and auditors in the future. The salary for accountants and auditors is also expected to increase by at least two percent in the future.