Accounting Technology Programs in Maine

Educational Information:

Accounting professionals are those who have a passion for numbers, possess a strong attention to detail and have a thorough understanding of the importance of maintaining accurate records. Upon graduating from the accounting technology program, students will have an understanding of how to work in a financial and business realm.

Licensing Information:

To get your license in Maine, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain a bachelors degree with at least 150 hours of coursework, 15 of which need to be in accounting, auditing and business ethics
  • Prepare transcripts for review when taking the CPA exam
  • Successfully complete the four-part exam
  • Submit an application for licensing and pay all corresponding fees
  • Complete two years of work experience in public accounting with 400 hours of auditing experience and 200 hours of advisory work

Employment Information:

Maine has a lower population and density than the vast majority of places throughout the US, which can significantly affect the number of employment opportunities. Shipbuilding, tourism, electronics and the financial sectors are a few of the industries that Maine has CPA professionals working in throughout the year. Maine’s Society of CPA’s updates individuals with events, news and potential job opportunities to the members. Across the nation, accounting jobs are going to remain in steady demand. Projected growth rate for accounting professionals is 16 percent.

Accountants working in Maine will receive a salary that compares with the national average. On average, the salary of an accountant in Maine is $60,860 based on information from the BLS. Those working in the top 10 percent will earn $92,410 per year. Southwest Maine offers a higher salary than some of the other regions. Even though there are only 3,320 accountants working in Maine, the population is far less than the majority of other states.