Tax Accounting Programs in Kentucky

Educational Information:

Auditors are responsible for the examination of the company or organization in which they work to make sure there is no waste and fraudulent activity is kept at bay. These individuals work hard at examining all of the financial records for the business in an array of industries.

Licensing Information:

Even though there might not be a specific license needed to work as an auditor, most positions require you to have a bachelor degree completed before working in their firm. Communication and analytical skills are important for those in this position because you are responsible for locating any discrepancies and getting to the root of the problem. As always, a love of numbers and exceptional math skills is critical as an auditor.

Employment Information:

Every business will require a tax auditing professional to make sure their business functions are protected to the fullest. Alcohol and tobacco distribution and manufacturing are two of the main industries in the state, which means they often have a number of auditing professionals working for them. Accounting firms will often have an auditor on staff to make sure everything is in order and there are no issues with the business reports and bottom line.

Based on information from the BLS, auditors earn upwards of $60,000 per year in Kentucky. For those who work in the top 10 percent of positions, you can expect to make more than $87,000 annually. Even at the lowest end, you will still earn more than $33,000 per year. Those working in the Louisville metro area have higher salaries than other regions that are not as highly populated. With the expected rate of growth for auditing positions on the rise, you are sure to find a job working in a field you love.