Tax Accounting Programs in Hawaii

Educational Information:

If you excel in working with numbers and enjoy finance, then a degree in tax auditing may be for you. From the Department of Accounting and General Services to private practice firms, there are a variety of career opportunities for graduates of tax auditing programs in Hawaii.

Licensing Information:

To become a tax auditor in Hawaii, individuals need to have an accredited bachelor’s degree. Some positions in Hawaii require that applicants have at least one year of tax experience, and having a CPA certification will not substitute for this experience. Lastly, applicants must also possess a valid driver’s license when they seek to work as auditors in Hawaii.

With a tax auditing degree, one can work for the government as an auditor. Many individuals with a tax auditing degree will also sit for the CPA exam and become Certified Public Accountants. This will enable those with a tax auditing degree to work as accountants for the government or private firms.

Employment Information:

A degree in tax auditing can open plenty of doors for students in Hawaii. In this program, students will study a variety of accounting services, including financial accounting, managerial accounting, budget control, tax accounting, cost accounting and the reporting requirements for taxes. Students will also learn about auditing and the legal aspects of filing taxes.

According to the BLS, tax accountants and auditors are poised to earn an average annual salary of at least $61,000 a year. There are over 4,500 auditors and accountants that are currently employed in Hawaii. The BLS reports that there will be a minor growth in the job opportunities available to those with a tax auditing degree, and there will also be a slight increase in the salary that they receive.