Accounting Technology Programs in Florida

Educational Information:

Sharpen your accounting knowledge by getting your degree in accounting technology. Upon gaining this degree, you can work in a number of business positions, public service sectors and industries around the area.

Licensing Information:

In the state of Florida, the candidate needs to have a bachelor degree with a minimum of 120 hours. In the bachelor program, the candidate needs 150 semester hours completed for their licensing. Degree programs need a minimum of 24 semester hours focused on accounting courses. The courses need to be in financial accounting, taxation, auditing, cost accounting and information systems. The program also needs a minimum of 24 hours in business courses and six hours of business law to be eligible for the exam. Business law class must cover contracts, torts and the UCC. The license must be renewed every two years. To be eligible for renewal, the individual has to complete 80 hours in the continuing education field to receive their renewal. 20 hours have to be in accounting and auditing courses and four hours in ethics.

Employment Information:

Based upon the type of position you want to work in, Florida offers a number of opportunities for those with an accounting technology degree. Some of the top employers are Trademark Recruiting, Verizon, Priority One Financial Services, K-Force, Management Recruiters of Elgin and Crowley Maritime Corporation. All of the companies mentioned above offer a variety of different jobs encompassing the accounting field.

According to the BLS accountants in Florida can earn an average of $65,660 annually. Various positions pay differently, but you can anticipate a salary of around the same number. Experience, position and education play a key role in the amount of money one can make.