Tax Accounting Programs in Washington DC

Educational Information:

There are 12 schools that offer accounting programs in Washington D.C. Some of the top accounting programs in the state can be found at Georgetown University, American University and George Washington University. The accounting curriculum usually offers courses that teach students about financial concepts and how to perform accounting procedures. Students will learn how to conduct tax audits, create budgets and perform research on the financial standing of companies.

Licensing Information:

Students must obtain a CPA license if they intend on offering public accounting services in Washington D.C. The Board requires that students complete 150 hours in an approved accounting program and also commit to one year of work experience for a non-profit organization or government agency. Students may complete the one-year work experience requirement before or after taking the CPA exam. Students must have a bachelor degree and must have completed basic courses in accounting.

Employment Information:

In Washington D.C., the majority of employers for accounting students include government agencies, financial institutions, accounting firms and law firms. Students may wish to specialize in tax law or corporate taxation. Students may also have the desire to pursue a career as a chief financial officer, lawyer, banker, financial analyst, actuary or financial examiner. Some individuals also open their own consulting or CPA firms upon graduation from an accounting program.

Auditors and accountants have the potential to earn an excellent salary of at least $83,000 a year in Washington D.C. This salary far exceeds the national average salary that accountants earn of $71,000 a year. About 39,000 accountants are currently employed in the D.C. area, but there are still many employment opportunities for individuals with accounting degrees in the metropolitan area.