Tax Accounting Programs in Delaware

Educational Information:

Delaware employers rely on skilled tax auditors to ensure that company returns are prepared correctly. Federal and state government bodies also employ tax auditors to uncover errors and fraud in both individual and corporate tax returns. The tax auditor then attempts to recover money for the government by bringing these issues to the taxpayer’s attention.

Licensing Information:

As part of the state licensing requirements, you need to obtain a passing score on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. All applicants must have completed a bachelor degree at an accredited college prior to the test. Your college coursework must include 24 hours of instruction in taxation, auditing and financial accounting. The initial application fee is $145. There is also a separate fee assessed for the business, regulation, financial and audit sections of the CPA exam. You need at least 150 hours of college credit before you are awarded the certificate.

Employment Information:

In a 2013 job posting, the State of Delaware listed openings for three levels of tax auditors. A person at the level of Tax Auditor III is considered to be a supervisor. The following salary figures are the mid-point for each level:

  • Tax Auditor I, $42,047
  • Tax Auditor II, $55,117
  • Tax Auditor III, $63,106

In addition to the State of Delaware, some of the other major employers of tax auditors in Delaware include:

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • KForce
  • Lincoln Financial
  • DelStar Technologies
  • Randstad Finance & Accounting

Two of these companies are financial organizations, two are private companies and one is a staffing service. Some of the largest employers in the state use staffing services to hire tax auditors on a trial basis.