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As industries grow, so do opportunities for trained accountants with certified public accountant (CPA) and other professional credentials. In Rhode Island, those desiring to take advantage of these rare economic growth spurts within certain industry sectors attend accredited university level accounting degree programs as required for preparation for the CPA exam. The relatively small state of Rhode Island has eight such accounting schools from which to choose. Some of the topics associated within accounting degree programs at Rhode Island schools are listed below.

  • cost accounting
  • multi-national finance
  • accounting computer systems
  • federal tax accounting
  • auditing
  • financial accounting
  • managerial accounting
  • ethics in business
  • accounting theory and practice

Of the eight qualifying accounting schools in Rhode Island, three schools have regional or national rankings among U.S. News and World Reports survey of schools and offer undergraduate and graduate level accounting courses. University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and Salve Regina University provide students with a pathway of success for accounting certification and other career goals.

The faculty of accounting programs try and keep a forward-looking perspective on curriculum development and maintenance that factors in industry and regulatory changes. A four year accounting degree program provides students with a broad-based overview of traditional and trending accounting topics. Most accounting programs will emphasize sound, ethical accounting practices in a collaborative environment.

The graduate level accounting degree programs prepare students for the certified financial planner exam in addition to the CPA exam. Estate and tax planning concepts are also a critical part of Rhode Island College accounting degree program curriculum.

Employment Outlook: 

Steady job growth for accountants in Rhode Island is expected through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and job growth for accountants in Rhode Island is reportedly faster than the national average. Regulatory changes across different industry sectors reportedly are the drivers of that growth. Some of the most dynamic, high growth accounting firms in Rhode Island and across New England like Sansiveri, Kimball and Co, LLP and KLR hire Rhode Island accounting graduates as financial planners, accountants, and auditors. Average annual salaries of accountants in Rhode Island is $70,120 according to the BLs.

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