Accounting Technology Programs in Wyoming

Educational Information:

Working in the accounting sector requires individuals to have a solid understanding of the financial base accompanying working for large corporations and small business entities. Attention to detail, ethics and organization are all key qualities an individual in this position should possess.

Licensing Information:

To become licensed in the state of Wyoming, you will need to complete the CPA exam after meeting all of the academic requirements outlined below:

  • Completion of 150 hours at an accredited institution
  • Completion of a bachelor degree with at least 24 hours in upper-division accounting and 24 hours in business
  • Successfully pass the CPA examination
  • Successfully complete the AICPA ethics course with a minimum score of at least 90
  • Completion of one year work experience
  • Licenses are renewed every year, with a minimum of 120 hours of education every three years
  • Any newly licensed CPA professionals need to complete at least four credit approved ethics classes within six months of initial certification and one every three years following

Employment Information:

The Wyoming Labor Market Information states that auditors and accountants are among those professions that are expected to continue to grow through 2020. Thanks to the growing health care, mining and social assistance industries expected growth, plenty of opportunities are here for those who are looking for employment opportunities. McGee, Hearne & Piaz, LLP, Edward Jones and CUSO Financial Services, LP all have offices here.

Based on information from the BLS, there are 1,730 auditors and accountants working in the field at the moment. Average salary for those in this position is $59,360 per year. With job growth expected to rise by 16 percent through 2020, plenty of jobs will be available from which you can choose.