Tax Accounting Programs in Utah

Educational Information:

There are both general business programs and specialized accounting programs available in Utah for students with an interest in accounting. Over 32 colleges offer these programs in Utah, and students will be exposed to coursework in areas like auditing, financial accounting, budget creation, business information systems, accounting professional standards and ethics, legal aspects of accounting, managerial accounting and other types of courses.

Licensing Information:

The Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing requires that individuals obtain a Certified Public Accountant or CPA Firm license. If one wishes to operate as an individual or work for another company, then he or she must obtain the CPA license. If one wishes to open his or her own CPA firm, then it will be necessary to obtain the CPA Firm license. Students will need to obtain at least 150 hours of education if they wish to obtain a CPA license in the state.

Employment Information:

Those who seek to pursue an accounting career can find jobs with numerous employers in the state, including private companies, universities, finance firms, asset management companies, law firms, investment banks, accounting firms and other employers. By having an accounting degree, students can also be well-prepared to pursue graduate programs in mathematics, law or statistics.

The BLS states that accountants and auditors in Utah have the ability to earn up to $67,250 a year. There are only about 9,550 accountants and auditors that are currently employed in Utah. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities currently available to those who seek to pursue accounting careers in Utah. Accountants and auditors can expect to see a modest increase in the salaries that they earn in the state in the upcoming years.