Accounting Technology Programs in Tennessee

Educational Information:

For those who have a passion for numbers and balancing books, a degree in accounting technology might be the perfect solution for you. Upon completing the degree, students will be prepared to work in any number of different positions around the state.

Licensing Information:

Those looking to gain their license in Tennessee need to meet a few basic requirements before being granted the honor:

  • Have obtained a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university
  • Successful completion of 150 hours with a minimum of 30 hours in accounting, of which 24 hours need to be completed at the upper-division level and 24 hours in the general business field, of which 12 have to be completed at the upper-division level
  • Successfully pass the CPA exam
  • Completion of the AICPA ethics course with a minimum score of 90
  • One year of experience in an accounting profession that the board deems acceptable
  • Licensees that wish to sign financial statements on the firm’s behalf need two years of experience in reviews, audits and compilations

Employment Information:

Using the Tennessee Society of CPA’s, you can search through an extensive database of jobs for those looking to work in the accounting field. Some of the larger corporations are headquartered in Tennessee, such as FedEx, Regal Entertainment Group, AutoZone, Nissan and Caterpillar Financial. Accountants in Tennessee tend to work for large corporations, hospitals, engineering firms, insurance companies, architectural firms and various private companies. Tennessee’s Valley Authority hires a number of accountants to work as cost estimators, cost accountants and project managers.

As of May 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there were 19,320 auditors and accountants working in Tennessee. Average salary for those in these professions was $62,220 per year.