Tax Accounting Programs in South Carolina

Educational Information:

From accounting to consulting for businesses in South Carolina, there are a variety of ways to use a tax auditing degree in the state. A tax auditing program exposes students to concepts in accounting procedures, budgeting procedures, financial analysis, legal aspects of accounting and other concepts.

Licensing Information:

To be a tax auditor in South Carolina, one only needs to have a bachelor’s degree in a major that deals with finances. Most jobs also require that applicants also possess a valid driver’s license for that state. Some employers in South Carolina also require that individuals have experience in using the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS). Many employers also want to see that students have had at least one year of tax experience.

Employment Information:

In South Carolina, some of the opportunities that exist for auditors include accounting for companies, serving as a tax analyst for companies or being an audit manager. As an audit manager, one will identify tax issues that clients deal with and help to educate colleagues about auditing processes. One can serve as a tax auditor for the IRS or work for a government agency in South Carolina. Banks, government agencies and private companies are the most frequent employers of students with a tax auditing degree.

According to the BLS, the average salary of tax auditors in South Carolina is over $58,000 a year. There are over 12,000 tax auditors and accountants that are currently employed in the state. It is expected that there will be a two percent increase in the job opportunities available to tax auditors and accountants. There will also be a very slight increase in the salary that tax auditors receive in the state.