Tax Accounting Programs in Montana

Educational Information:

Auditing professionals examine the financial records of the business to make sure there is no waste or fraudulent activity occurring within the business. Their goal is to make sure all of the business information is accurate and staying within the confines of the law.

Licensing Information:

In reality, there may not be any specific licensing for auditors in the state, but getting into some of the higher positions might require a CPA license. Montana has two-tiers for licensing based upon whether the individual has their degree and educational requirements met. To work in the auditing field, you do have to possess a bachelor degree in auditing or an accounting related field. Individuals also need strong analytical skills and exceptional math skills to be successful as an auditor.

Employment Information:

Montana’s economy gains its support largely from the natural resources, oil and agriculture industries. Auditing professionals within the gas and oil industries are responsible for making sure there is not a lot of waste and everything is maintaining compliance with the law. As an auditor, you will find work in the logging, commercial and coal industries on a regular basis. Since there is a great deal of traffic with the businesses, auditors have to make sure everything is following the policies set forth by local, state and federal governments.

Based on information from the BLS, average auditors in Montana earn over $60,000 annually. Since the area isn’t heavily populated, the number of auditing jobs might not be as many here as some of the more populous states. Auditing and accounting professionals make up more than 3,000 of the jobs that Montana has to offer. Employment is expected to continue growing throughout 2020, so plenty of opportunities will be available.