Tax Accounting Programs in Missouri

Educational Information:

By pursuing a tax auditing program in Missouri, individuals can be exposed to a variety of accounting concepts. In the typical tax auditing program, students study auditing procedures, accounting research methods, cost and managerial accounting, creation of budgets, analysis of financial statements and other financial concepts.

Licensing Information:

If you wish to become a public accountant, then you are required to have a CPA license in Missouri. There is a 150 educational hour requirement for those who seek to become CPAs. In addition, one will need to have at least one year of accounting experience in order to sit for the examination. After one has completed the exam requirements, then he or she may apply for the CPA license in Maine. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration requires that individuals pay a fee of $100 to receive a license.

Employment Information:

As a tax auditor, one can find plenty of employment opportunities in Missouri. Those who have a tax auditing degree typically work for government agencies, accounting firms, private corporations, human resources departments, non-profit organizations and many other types of employers. One may also serve as a valuation actuary for a company to value a company’s liabilities and assets for tax reporting purposes.

In Missouri, tax auditors and accountants can earn an average salary of at least $62,910 a year. There are over 24,000 individuals who currently work as accountants and auditors in the state. Those who have this degree can still pursue different careers apart from auditing or accounting, so there may be a higher demand for individuals who have a tax auditing degree. Some individuals choose to work as financial analysts for hedge funds and other types of finance firms.