Accounting Technology Programs in Michigan

Educational Information:

Accounting technology is often affiliated with financial and business accounting. Professionals that obtain their accounting technology degree are often expected to analyze a number of business situations with the top-notch technology and business software on the market today.

Licensing Information:

To get a license in Michigan, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be of sound moral character
  • Pay for all of the testing and application fees
  • Pass the CPA examination
  • Provide official transcripts for review when taking the exam
  • Meet the minimum educational requirements of at least a bachelor degree consisting of 150 hours for completed classes with an accounting concentration. 30 of those hours need to be in accounting, as well as 39 hours in the general business realm.
  • Fulfill the minimum experience requirements in Michigan consisting of 2,000 hours and a year of work in the accounting field.

Employment Information:

For those who are licensed in the accounting field, Michigan has a number of different opportunities from which you can choose. Even though a job may not be guaranteed, more than 28,000 accounting positions were held back in 2011. Detroit and other large urban hubs within the state provide an abundance of financial positions for those looking to work in the accounting field. Licensed individuals have a better advantage over their non-licensed counterparts.

Automotive and entertainment industries require the business operator to promote the industry and economic health of the state. Michigan’s Association of CPA’s keep all of their members current about any new developments in the field, job postings and any relevant events pertaining to their career. Accountants in Michigan tend to earn more than the national average for those in the field. According to the BLS, those in the top 10 percent earn upwards of $105,000 annually. Detroit tends to have one of the higher salaries in the entire state.