Tax Accounting Programs in Indiana

Educational Information:

Working as an auditor requires excellent communication skills, strong sense of ethics and a comprehensive attention to detail. Your main job is to go through the books of a company and make sure there is no fraudulent activity taking place within the business and they are in compliance with all of the laws set forth by the state and federal governments.

Licensing Information:

To work as an auditor, you will need a bachelor degree in the field within the financing or accounting field. Certification is available on a volunteer basis, but it is not something you have to have to work in the field. Communication and analytical skills are crucial working in this capacity, as well as exceptional math skills. Getting your CPA license might help you land positions in some of the more advanced employment sectors.

Employment Information:

A variety of different industries need a tax auditor to work in their business handling activities and making sure everything is in order. Auditors can find work in government entities, state industries and accounting firms. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche and KPMG all have offices in Indiana, so plenty of opportunities exist with some of the leading firms in the country. Some of the other industries where auditors find work are tourism, hospitality, insurance and pharmaceuticals. Auditors can expect to see job growth rise throughout 2020 as more and more people need someone to make sure everything is in order with their business finances.

An auditing professional can enjoy a decent quality of living in Indian. Based on employment information from the BLS, auditors can earn upwards of $65,000 per year, which is pretty competitive with the national average. More than 17,000 auditing and accounting positions are held throughout the state.