Accounting Technology Programs in Georgia

Educational Information:

The accounting technology degree helps to prepare students for a career in a number of accounting related occupations. Students will learn all of the functions to complete the accounting cycle for merchandising, servicing and manufacturing businesses.

Licensing Information:

To become a CPA in Georgia, you need to meet all of the requirements as set forth by the Georgia Board of Accountancy. Candidates need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree within the accounting field, which consists of 20 hours in the accounting discipline above the elementary level. Certification can be accomplished after the candidate has completed 150 hours of college education. Successfully passing the CPA exam and one year of experience under the supervision of an accounting professional with a minimum of one-year of experience is required to get your license in the state of Florida.

Employment Information:

When it comes to working in an accounting position, a variety of different companies are looking for candidates just like you. Companies like 3M, Aaron Brothers, Inc., Abacus Technology Corporation, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Ltd., Accenture, Ltd., Accretive Solutions, Inc. and many others. Based upon whether you work as an accounting manager, bookkeeper, administrative accountant, cost accountant or more, you are sure to find a number of opportunities within the accounting realm.

For those who work as an accountant in Georgia, salaries can be expected to be around $72,000 per year, according to the BLS. The higher the education, the more an individual is going to start off making. Location, experience and company play a big factor in determining how much money one is going to make working in the accounting field in Georgia.