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Starting a career as an accountant in Washington DC is an exciting prospect. The district has some reputable schools to choose from. There are programs designed for every learning type. Some students prefer an online setting; they have busy lives and a disciplined approach to learning. Others like to attend class in person, preferring a face-to-face conversation. Finishing the degree program opens the door to opportunity.

Accounting Curriculum in Washington D.C.

Coursework is a balance between business administration and accounting. The two specialties are intertwined at school and work. Students become adept at tax accounting while using the same software programs they will encounter in the job market. They learn how to help corporations save money on taxes. Students come away knowing how to read and understand tax laws.

General accounting courses teach students how to maintain business accounts. Students work with reporting software and learn how to present information to investors and auditors. The training on best practices and accounting controls prepares graduates to fill industry needs.

Auditing is an interesting field. Students learn by doing. The classes are part book-study and part real auditing. Students perform audits of authentic companies from top to bottom. They do the paperwork and report their findings. There is extensive class discussion. The culmination for each case is a comparison of the actual auditor’s findings to the student results.

Total Accounting Schools: 12
Total Accounting Students: 8,342
Average Tuition: $24,687
Average Scholarship Package: $11,325
Average Grant Amount: $12,295
Average Classroom Size: 18 Students
Online Accounting Programs: 12
Average Online Tuition: $24,687
Online Undergraduate Programs: 10
Online Graduate Programs: 9
Top Accounting Schools:Georgetown University
George Washington University
American University
Largest Accounting School:George Washington University
• 2,241 Students Currently Attending
Cheapest Accounting School:University of the District of Columbia
• $7,244 Annual Tuition Charges
School With Largest Financial Aid Packages:Georgetown University
• $28,770 Average Financial Aid Award

Salary and Job Outlook for Accountants in Washington, D.C.

A degree in accounting is a financial asset. Graduates looking for work in DC discover they are in high demand. According to career index, the starting wage is good and the salaries of accounting professionals are on the rise. The exact amount depends on the degree level. Career index reports that the average salary rose by 13 percent between 2006 and 2010. The study included all accounting jobs in Washington. has 2,398 jobs listed for accountants within five miles of Washington. DC universities are only graduating 400 to 500 accounting professionals per year. The salary estimates are from 40,000 to 120,000 per year. Employers are currently looking for budget analysts, staff accountants, internal and external auditors, and payroll benefits specialists to name a few.

Washington students interested in a career in accounting have a bright future. Check into

A degree in accounting is a financial asset, and in Washington D.C., salaries and job growth remain strong. As of May 2020, accountants in our nation’s capital earned an average salary of $103,410 – that’s nearly $30,000 more than the national average. The top earning accountants in Washington D.C. (90th percentile), who largely represent those in senior-level roles with advanced degrees like the master’s in accounting and the coveted CPA designation, earned about $161,140 during this time. Note that these stats include base salaries only and not the salary incentives that are commonplace in this profession, particularly among those in senior and executive-level roles.

Between 2018 and 2028, the number of jobs in accounting in Washington D.C. is projected to increase by 8% —that’s twice the national projected growth rate for this profession during this time. About 1,360 annual job openings here are expected during the ten-year period leading to 2028 due to a combination of new job growth, retirements, and natural job turnover.

Students interested in a career in accounting have a bright future in Washington D.C. Check into three schools, pick one, and enroll. The business world is waiting for a professional like you.

May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and job market data for accountants and auditors represents state data, not school-specific information.

Job growth projections for 2018-2028 sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored O*Net database represents state data, not school-specific information.

Conditions in your area may vary. Data Accessed May 2021.

three schools, pick one, and enroll. The business world is waiting for a professional like you.