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As new organizations emerge so does the need for the valuable certified public accountant (CPA). To gain this credential in New Mexico, one needs accounting training through an accredited accounting degree program. There are over 20 such schools that offer qualifying accounting degree programs to help students achieve their goals for CPA licensure and future accounting careers. Here are just some of the topics one expects to cover while attending an accounting degree program in New Mexico.

  • international accounting
  • cost accounting
  • government and non-profit accounting
  • income tax accounting
  • principles of auditing
  • accounting information systems

There are some great universities with accounting programs in New Mexico. These universities combine rigorous coursework supporting broad-based accounting topics with an ethical framework for helpful advice and decision-making. These schools offer accounting degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level to prepare students for a variety of accounting related professions.

The undergraduate accounting degree program provides students with foundational accounting courses designed to introduce them to various sectors within the accounting career field. When students take courses like principles of auditing, international accounting, and not for profit accounting, they gain insight into which career sector and eventual accounting certification credential is right for them. In this way, New Mexico University's provide an efficient way for students to identify and travel their customized career path.

A few of the schools in New Mexico offer graduate level accounting programs. These schools have designed its Masters of Accounting programs to meet the needs of students with varying levels of accounting experience. For example, some schools offer a Masters of Accounting Professional Track for students who have an undergraduate degree in a major other than accounting. These students would simply have to take some prerequisite accounting courses within the program before delving into more advanced accounting topics. For those who already have an undergraduate degree in accounting, there are Masters of Accounting or Taxation programs where more seasoned accounting students may dive right in to interesting topics related to their career advancement.

Employment Outlook: 

Accounting students who pursue degree programs in the New Mexico schools described above normally sit for certification exams very soon after graduation. Depending on the chosen career path, students take exams for CPA, certified management accountant, and certified internal auditor credentials. Some accounting graduates also land government accounting jobs within their cities and states. The average annual salary for accountants in Albuquerque, New Mexico is $63,400 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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