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A career in accounting has different specialties that can be pursued within the discipline. Those that enjoy numbers, balancing income sheets, and computing numbers may also enjoy a career in accounting. There are some great colleges and universities in the U.S. that offers excellent accounting programs through the business department.

Colleges and universities in Nebraska offer certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting. The level of education you pursue will heavily influence your promotional opportunities and compensation packages.

During your studies of the accounting discipline, your professors and instructors will introduce you to the basic concepts that make up the very foundation of accounting. Without these basic concepts, you will not understand the more advanced concepts in accounting. It is important to know how to create financial statements. If you decide to pursue a career in financial accounting, you will create different reports that show the financial health of the organization. Creating income statements, balance sheets, and revenue reports will all be a major part of your job.

During your higher level classes, you will be introduced to the managerial concepts in accounting. These courses dig deeply into the underlying structures of business finance. An important part of accounting is understanding how the entire financial puzzle fits together.

After completing the basic and some advanced courses, you may decide that you want to specialize in a particular area of accounting. Tax accounting, auditing, financial accounting, and cost accounting are all specialized areas in accounting. Some professionals prefer to not specialize and work as an accountant that deals with different areas.

Employment Outlook: 

The economy has gone through some changes, and businesses in Nebraska and all over the United States have had to take a serious look at their bottom line. Accountants have played a major role in this process. Projections indicate that job prospects in accounting are good. There should be some job growth in accounting in the next 10 years.

Most entry level accountants can expect to earn a median salary of $50,000-$60,000, according to the BLS. Only the lowest 10 percent of accountants earn under $40,000. Organizations are looking for highly qualified accounting professionals that can help keep their bottom line in the black. If you want to become a Certified Personal Accountant, you can pursue this certification after completing certain criteria. This certification opens up more doors of incredible opportunity.

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