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The state of Missouri has many different accounting schools; there are schools available throughout the state. St. Louis and Kansas City are both large cities that boast several state and private institutions offering accounting degrees. Attending a college in the larger cities will allow you to experience all the amenities of city life. You will have plenty of restaurants and activities to fill your time outside of school. There are also many businesses in the city that offer scholarships as well as internships as you near graduation. A community college will meet the needs of those seeking an accounting associates degree.

An associates degree in accounting will prepare you for several entry level positions in business. Accounting majors will develop communication and problem solving skills to apply in their future career as an accountant, auditor, loan officer, or IRS agent. Testing to become a CPA requires 150 college credit hours in Missouri. This can be accomplished by earning a Master's degree in accounting or completing two areas of concentration while earning an undergraduate degree. Some universities offer a five year program that allows you to complete both your Bachelor and Master's degree at the same time. Students completing this program are eligible to take the CPA exam. In addition to the classes specific to an accounting degree, such as finance, auditing, federal taxes, and financial reporting, students can expect to take general business classes. These classes include topics like marketing, management, and international business.

Employment Outlook: 

Jobs are available in both the government and private markets. Those with an accounting degree in Missouri average a salary of $62,910 annually. As of May, 2012, accountants and auditors have seen a less than 1% rise in employment in Missouri; however, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15.7% increase in this job field by 2020. Other accounting degree careers have slightly better numbers. Employment for loan officers in Missouri is up 1.2% and credit counselors have seen a 2.7% rise in employment. There is a significant difference in the average salary for the different careers. A credit counselor can expect to earn an average of just over $42,000 per year while the average loan officer earns just over $70,000 annually.

A degree in accounting offers a variety of job opportunities at every level. While some fields may have fewer opportunities than others, Missourians with a degree in accounting will be able to compete for a several different job openings.

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