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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports accountants nationwide earn a mean annual salary of $71,040. Most accountants work in accounting services, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Many also serve in company management, government positions, and consulting services. Accountants working in securities and commodities exchanges and in the Federal government earn the highest average salaries. In Idaho, the mean annual salary for accountants is $61,170.

The BLS expects accountancy job growth of 16 percent by 2020. More laws and regulations regarding financial sector business should increase demand for accountants. Business globalization needs accountants to manage international trade, mergers and acquisitions. Some top industry and business executives have backgrounds in accounting, internal auditing, or finance.

Accountants might work as cost accountants, budget directors, internal auditors, treasurers, or chief financial officers. Accountants prepare financial documents for companies or individuals. They ensure company financial records are accurate, and that financial operations are efficient. They analyze budgets and financial practices, and suggest ways to reduce costs, improve revenues and improve profits.

Some accountants specialize in forensic accounting to investigate financial crimes and work with law enforcement. Job applicants who are licensed CPAs have better job prospects, as do those with graduate degrees in business with accounting concentrations.

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