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From Georgetown to Wilmington, Delaware has many institutions with accreditation for their accounting curriculum. For those students who successfully complete the requirements, degrees from an associate to a doctorate in accounting can be earned. Typical courses beyond general requirements to earn an associate degree include:

  • business communications
  • introduction to computers
  • introduction to financial accounting
  • computer software programs related to accounting and finance

For a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, courses beyond the associate requirements include business statistics, economics, business law and ethics, corporate finance and marketing. To earn Certified Public Accountant (CPA) status in Delaware, a candidate must pass the CPA exam, earn at least 150 semester hours with a concentration in accounting, have experience working with a CPA, and submit a statement of good character along with their application.

Employment Outlook: 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states accounting positions are expected to grow by 16% between 2010 and 2020. Delaware is ranked as the fifth top state for employment in the BLS category of “Accountants and Auditors” in the same report. It further reports the annual mean salary is $69,440. Accountants can expect to be hired by government agencies, private businesses or public sector employers. Maintaining financial records and upholding their company’s tax responsibilities are some of the tasks assigned to a company’s accountants. Accountants must also examine and analyze financial statements for accuracy. Under the broad title of accountant are a number of other sub-titles that include:

  • Budget Analysts- Employees in this field help organize the finances of public and private institutions. They critique the available resources of a company. An analysis of the data collected is then developed into a feasible budget. A budget analyst reports their findings to managers and implements the approved budget.
  • Financial Managers- These professionals are hired to monitor and analyze a company’s financial resources. Financial reports and long-term financial plans for the company are two tasks of a financial manager. They also administer direct investment activities.
  • Post-secondary Teachers- Future accountants’ educations are the responsibility of post-secondary teachers. These instructors mentor and instruct their students in current courses related to the degree being sought. They have additional duties in research and publishing their findings. At least a Master’s, but most likely a doctorate degree is required by the hiring institution for those employed as post-secondary teachers.
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