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Some people confuse bookkeeping with accounting. Although there are many similarities, it is necessary to go to college to be an accountant at most companies. Some companies might hire someone with just experience, but if you want to truly open up your chances of having success in this field, you should get a degree.

During the initial year of your college studies, you will learn the elementary concepts of accounting. These basic principles are the foundation for the whole discipline. It is essential that you grasp these basic concepts to be successful in your studies. In this stage of your education, you will learn about the different systems of accounting and the underlying principles of these systems.

You will also learn about a few essential concepts in this discipline. Among these concepts are:

  • inventory
  • the recognition of revenue
  • present value
  • long-term liabilities
  • long-lived assets

The beginning of the program will also focus on the creation of financial statements. More advanced classes will include managerial accounting, financial accounting I, tax planning, auditing, and many other important aspects of the accounting discipline.

Employment Outlook: 

Job security in accounting is among one of the best aspects of this profession. Qualified accountants are always in demand. A degree definitely opens the door for a good job and those that choose to get their CPA license have even greater opportunities for promotions and higher compensation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that growth in this field will be steady. In fact, there is an expected increase of 16% between now and 2020. Accountants command a respectable salary and they usually have great benefit packages also. Currently, the median income for accountants in the U.S. is around $60,000. This number is flexible and depends on a number of factors. Geographical differences and differences in industry may significantly change the starting and median salaries in accounting.

If you want a solid career with a great income, accounting is definitely one career to consider. Those that enjoy working in an office setting with computers and other office equipment would most likely enjoy this profession. Most importantly, you must have a strong love of numbers and computing.

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